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El dia de les Verges: let's serenade!

As you know, our 'Dia de les Verges' (19 October) is an old and much appreciated tradition of our Majorcan culture. On this day, boys and girls celebrate with songs and sweet bunyols the day of Saint Ursula and, to some extent, the innocence and joy of courtly love.
As in ancient times, our students like to 'go serenade' their beloved ones. However, today, as modern Romeos and Juliets, they will do it virtually, sending their songs and poems through the net. Espai Creatiu invites you all to create send your poems to celebrate this very sweet day. 
What is Love?
It could be as bright as the sky at noon
Or dark as a cloud at night,
We can make it as we like
As long as we stay side by side.

After every storm the clouds disappear
After every night the sun will once more rise
Everytime we look with our eyes
Or we hear with our ears
The song of a little bird perched on a branch
telling us to take a chance
to love with all our heart and ignore the tears

So let us try one more time, what is love?
Oh! maybe this time he might just be mine.
(poem by G.G from 4tB dedicated to...)

A poem for a virgin
My love for you is special, severe
if not infatuation or caprice
but I need you by my side
Oh! To see you one day as my bride
When I think about you I feel the sky
You are more beautiful than a white rose
If you had an accident I would die
If you lost your beauty I'd cut my nose.
(Anonymous poem 4tB for an anonymous love)

Let it Be
Dear Esther, why can't you leave my mind?
Dear Esther, the reason I cannot find
There is you with your blonde hair
I can't stand it anymore, it isn't just fair

The things I've done I can't explain
I know because I know it hurts and causes pain
If I could change the past believe me I would,
I would take away the pain, If I could

I don´t care what people say
I want to be with you all day
Dear Esther love me as I love you
Dear Esther let it be your heart.
(Poem by Lluc Marquès 4tA to Esther)

What is love?
What is love? Love is undescribable
You can think that love is a good feeling
You should think that love is fascinable
But we all agree that love is something.

Maybe love is expressed by kisses
Perhaps love is manifested by words
To be with you is one of my wishes
My heart feels my love never stops.

I promise that you will be in my heart.
Now I want to be with you all the time
For me you are the centre of the Earth,
I am sure that when I'm with you, i'm fine.

I can say That my love for you is true.
Only I am falling in love for you.
(Poem by Andreu Fornés 4tB to his muse...)

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